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What are Light Novels?

Light Novels are a type of Japanese Novel. They are distinguished by their anime/manga style illustrations, and similar story-telling styles. They are generally published in series, spanning several volumes. Light Novles have expanded in types of stories over the years, including fantasy, romance, epics, etc.

What are Wuxia Novels?

Wuxia Novels are a type of Chinese Novel and a subgenre of Chinese fantasy novels. These novels generally use cultivation as a plot element, involving humans practicing strengthening methods to become stronger. The novels include elements such as sects, special abilities, techniques, heavenly resources, and breaking through to other worlds/realms. They are also further stylyzed with flowery language, and chinese proverbs.

Something to note, in China, people refer to others as "brother", "sister", "uncle", etc. even if they aren't related. It's just their way of using pronouns. It will be stated eplicitly if there is a blood connection. So, please do not be confused if you see an abundance of family terms.